Sunday, August 7, 2022
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The worst exposed Japanese knotweed hotspots in the UK — and how to get rid of it

Bolton has 684 infestations within a 2.5-mile radius of the town centre, whereas Bristol has 475 and St Helens 441.  Streatham, in south-west London, is the only location in the top 10 in the London area, and came in...

Your six-week guide to tackling pigmentation

Ingredients that dermatologists recommend for pigmentation include a good antioxidant serum to mop up free radical damage and a daily SPF to prevent sun damage. Dr Gout recommends an oil-free serum with up to 30 per cent L-ascorbic...

Enlarged pores are the new ageing giveaway – here’s how to tackle them

Like frayed denim and stretch marks, wrinkles are now worn like a badge of honour, a sign of resilience and a life well-lived. This insight isn’t entirely new. Olay proved the case more than a decade ago when...

Ukraine farmers worry about coming harvest season

Farmers in the Donetsk region are worried about the impending harvest season, pressed as they are by the dangers of war, high fuel prices and the challenge of servicing their equipment.        Source link

SoftBank Group International’s new CEO is leaving, just five months after being appointed – TechCrunch

If SoftBank investors were already feeling shaken by the conglomerate’s poor performance this year, a news release out of the company tonight isn’t exactly going to assuage their concerns. The big news? French businessman Michel Combes, who was appointed...

Thepeer, an API-based startup that connects African businesses, raises $2.1M, led by Raba Partnership – TechCrunch

Thepeer, an African tech infrastructure startup connecting businesses’ wallets, has raised a $2.1 million seed round led by the Raba Partnership. The news comes a year after the startup raised $220,000 in pre-seed from a handful of angel...

Opium traded in Helmand despite pledge to ban cultivation

Opium farmers in Afghanistan are still selling their harvest to smugglers at a weekly market in Helmand province, the country's opium heartland.        Source link

The ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees that are the worst value for money

Roughly 40pc of university degrees do not lead to an average salary above £30,000 within five years, the analysis found. Of the 74 degrees included, 14 did not exceed the student loan repayment threshold within that period. ‘I don’t...

Google News launches a new desktop design with topic customization – TechCrunch

Google News is refreshing its desktop site with a new design that allows you to track global and local news on one screen. The redesign puts Your Briefing, Local news, and Top Picks section on a single page...

Texas boy becomes the 5th child to die in a hot car in the US in 2022

A five-year-old Texas boy died Monday after being left inside a sweltering vehicle for several hours as his family prepared for a party, authorities said, the latest hot-car-related death involving a minor in the United States.According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the...

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Ashleigh Buhai in tears after clinching first major in play-off drama to win Women’s Open

Ashleigh Buhai claimed her first major after a dramatic play-off against South Korean world No 11 Chun In-gee. After holding...
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